Consultations – Energy healing, clairvoyant guidance and coaching

I use coaching and profound energy healing skills as well as spiritual guidance through my clairvoyant skills to assist in your, pain, sadness, illness or frustration –     072 971 8450

What is Remote or Distance Healing

For people and animals!!

Remote or Distance Healing is done remotely by using energy that can be sent thousands of miles without diluting its effects. This energy can be used for healing people, animals, and places.  Remote or Distance Healing is done through developing sensitivity to energy and psychic energy.

Animal Communication

Animal Healing and communication

Our pets are our greatest joy – faithful, loving and caring and so they deserve the very best treatment. Loving animals is part of the human psyche and is no strange phenomena, however communicating with and healing animals has only in the past 15 years or so become a recognized practice.

Space Clearings

Space Clearings for homes and businesses

Increase health, vitality, prosperity of home and business!!

More benefits: increased creativity, focus, passion, deeper sleep, harmonious  relationships,  greater communication skills, save time, stress less and achieve more!!

Have you Been Raped or Abused?

I was raped by three men in May 2015. As part of my recovery, I developed powerful processes that can definitely help you recover your confidence and your femininity again.

Workshops and Talks

Workshops and Talks

Learn how you can communicate with animals, develop your psychic abilities and learn to heal yourself and others