I use various healing tools and processes together with 19 years of experience, to help you or your animals in overcoming blocks – physical, mental or emotional.

My highest value is to go the extra mile for you and give you the support, courage and skills as you make the necessary life changes to bring about peace and balance

On a very personal level, my whole life was deeply impacted in May 2015 after I was raped. The rape threw me into complete turmoil and made me doubt my previously held convictions that the Universe had my back

Thankfully I chose to heal from this devastating experience. As I persisted with my healing, whole new realms of healing work opened up for me.

The more I healed my own fears and vulnerabilities, the more I felt compelled to share my healing processes with you.


My Services to You: 

  • Laser focused guidance and counselling on your life purpose and meaningful goals
  • Trauma counselling, so that you can overcome fear, anger, depression and transform into self-love
  • Coaching for women to help you feel heard in your romantic relationship
  • Energy Healing to help you heal physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Animal Communication and Healing


My Processes:

I use PSYCH-K (watch the short video below) as well as my “Masters in 5 branches of Reiki” knowledge, Pranic, Quantum and Kinesiology processes.


Call me now to book your session – 072 971 8450 or email me hayley@hayleyhealing.co.za.
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