As a coach, teacher and guide(oracle), I’ve worked remotely with everyday people who have been feeling overwhelmed, stressed beyond their capacity to cope and also feeling physical pain. My expertise is my ability to tune in to these peoples energy fields when they are in their own homes and clear what has been making them feel stuck and also relieve their pain. I discovered I had an unmistakable ability to help people feel lighter and more connected with themselves and others. In the past two years more and more of these people have asked me to share my expertise with them so that they can start their own online remote healing practice. So, I have dedicated myself to do just that.

I created The Oracle Technique™ that guides such aspirant healers who want access to a course that includes everything they need to be an effective guide who can work remotely. They also don’t want to spend many long months learning effective techniques to help others process overwhelm and stress and relieve pain.

The Oracle Technique™ is a proven Healing Technology that is very effective and also easy to use. It is non invasive and has no bad side effects.

It is that simple to use.

Correct use of the Oracle Technique™ provides effective relief from overwhelm and stress and also for the following physical conditions – auto immune diseases, back and neck pain, digestive issues and injuries, to name a few.

Further great news about The Oracle Technique™ is that it can be used on both people and animals. Why is this possible?

Animals are very sensitive to all ranges of energy,  even more so than most people. Every thought, intention and action creates energy, which affects every living being in proximity. In my experience of doing healing work with animals they are always grateful for my interventions because they have been feeling the impact of human and global stress. I have also realized that animals are very purpose oriented. They really want to help humans process human challenges.

With this in mind, what skills are beneficial to be an effective facilitator of the Oracle Technique™ Method?

  1. Sufficient knowledge of and experience with human and/or animal anatomy and physiology
  2. Sufficient knowledge of and experience with the energy systems for both people and animals
  3. Sufficient knowledge of and experience with psychosomatics (the messages behind symptoms)
  4. Prior experience and training in energy healing: Reiki, Pranic, Quantam healing, or Kinesiology to name a few modalities.

A combination of both knowledge and experience will help you the student, to be better equipped to help guide your client (person or animal) to heal from their symptoms.

The reason I designed the Oracle Technique™ is for more clients to have access to a fuller experience of holistic healing and balance. In my experience, mind, body and energy must be worked with and addressed for a satisfying long term positive result.

The Oracle Technique™ course focuses on techniques to deliver effective and immediate positive results. My coaching and guidance will be coupled with processes that teach you how you can facilitate healing needed for a full rounded holistic outcome. Therefore it is advisable and advantageous if the you the student have coaching skills/ training, and also psychic skills so that you can tune into deeper meanings and clairvoyantly ‘see’, clairaudiently ‘hear’ and clairsentiently ‘feel’ the energy body and Spirit’s messages.

Should you not have the recommended skill levels I mention above, I will gladly train you with my other on line courses available:

  1. Psychic Development
  2. Multi-Modality Healing Techniques
  3. Understanding the Energy body & Chakra Balancing
  4. Animal Communication.

How does remote Healing work?

Healing is done remotely by using energy that can be sent thousands of miles without diluting its effects. This universal energy is connected to all things and goes far beyond human understanding and language.

This energy is available to those who know how to access it and it can be used for healing people, animals, and places. It is accessed by developing sensitivity to energy and psychic energy. Once sensitivity to energy is formed, this energy can be used by projecting it through time and space, just like radio waves and cell-phone waves.

Remote Healing can address physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual problems for anyone who is not experiencing optimal health and vitality.

Remote Healing is hugely beneficial because it can:

  1. Release harmful mental and emotional patterns
  2. Heal emotional and physical wounds
  3. Provide detoxification
  4. Balance organs and glandular functions – the endocrine system
  5. Balances chakras connected with the endocrine system
  6. Heal the auric layers (energetic field)
  7. Stimulate spontaneous healing and so much more.

To give credibility for me to offer my own Trademarked Process, here is some background information about my qualifications and work experience. I attended and qualified in 33 courses, seminars and classes.

As a meta-physician with 19 years experience, I have learned about, practiced and developed and honed my natural abilities as a healer, clairvoyant and therapist to help those in need. During the past 19 years, I have also taught many healing modalities to many students. My experience in thousands of one on one face to face and remote client sessions (with both people and animals), has enabled me to offer advanced healing techniques to others. My purpose and passion is to help and heal, both people and animals and my life has been dedicated to that end. I go the extra mile to help my students develop their own skills so they are enable to serve others.

Course contents:

  1. A PDF manual with images and information on how to use the Oracle Technique™
  2. A video teaching of me guiding the student through the Oracle Technique™
  3. Two recorded one on one live personalised video teachings with the student on Skype/Zoom
  4. Three one on one personalised case studies grading the student so that they can receive a Certificate of Graduation


Thank you for choosing me to grow your skill sets!

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