Psychic Development 101

Psychic Development Online Course

People frequently ask how they can “become psychic” or develop what psychic abilities they have. Well I have news for you: we are ALL already psychic! Some of us are more naturally developed psychics, but each of us can work on developing our psychic abilities further.

Firstly, we will work on what your strongest psychic ability is – clairvoyance (clear-seeing), claircognizance (clear-knowing) , clairaudience (clear-hearing),  clairsentience (clear-feeling or clear-sensing),  clairalience (clear-smelling) and clairambience (clear-tasting).

Most people are strong in one or two of these senses, and not so strong in the rest. While you can learn to develop all of these senses, most commonly you’ll end up relying on the one or two you are naturally strongest in. Very often, people say that they don’t seem to have control over these abilities, it just happens “when it wants to”. By working on developing these skills, we make it easier to use them on demand. Development is very important if we wish to be in control.

How can becoming more intuitive and psychic help you?

By becoming more in tune and intuitive, you give yourself the gift of tapping into your higher self and universal mind. With  this gift you are able to connect and understand yourself and others better, improving relationships, able to make better decisions, for your highest good.

Benefits Of Psychic Development

Here are some benefits and even side-effects of developing your own psychic powers, that you can experience on your own.

  1. Being more aware – imagine that you know when someone close to you is sad. You’re aware of this psychically, even if that person is trying to hide it from you, and you know you should help him or her. Or imagine that you’re negotiating important deal for your company, and you sense that your “opponent” is trying to fool you – no need to say how important this can be. Extra-sensory perception can provide you with lot of important information that can make you more aware of the world around you, from people to events
  2. Expansion of consciousness – consciousness develops along with psychic abilities. You receive greater understanding of how things work in this world, you’re kinder and more helpful to others. This, is a path of spiritual growth
  3. Self-improvement – you’re also learning new things, improving your mind efficiency, memory and mental-physical skills. Psychic development might lead you to many interesting abilities, starting with better focus improved by meditation
  4. Business opportunity – psychic development gives you some business opportunities as well.

These are the most important benefits you can receive through psychic development. There are many, many more things, that you might experience on your own.

Learn how to use psychic ability to improve your romantic life, create more wealth, achieve your goals, and make better decisions in your life.

This E-course consists of a video of my teachings, a manual, meditations and exercises. The cost is R1 200 and on receipt of your payment, I will email you all the material.