With my work I help so many people in their grieving, both humans and animals. In the last few weeks I have had so many clients who have lost, or are losing a loved one, particularly beloved pets. The highly sensitive ones, who love so deeply, and who have special bonds with their animals, grieve harder.

It is such an emotional space, and spirit has guided me through assisting so many souls in crossing over, and their loved ones left behind, in dealing with the massive hole one experiences without that special being in their lives. It is an honour to help in whatever capacity I have, to lessen another’s pain.

Two particular clients of late, who have lost their beloved fur babies, are highly sensitive beings (see more information on this here http://hsperson.com/).  Being a HSP (highly sensitive person) is a gift not a weakness, and it is those with these sensitivities, make better friends, lovers, and leaders. It is these people that love deeper and have deeper connections with others, and feel such connection, acceptance and safety with animals.

Messages from past animals to their humans left behind grieving, are more often than not, comforting and reassuring. So often an animal will tell me to tell their grieving human, that they will come to visit them with a specific action, feeling or sense. One client I am working with now, his beautiful pooch in spirit said she would nudge his inner thighs, from spirit, to make herself felt that she was with her human. So often this is exactly what we need, to FEEL the presence of our lost one, physically. This human was drawn to tears hearing this message as he said that is how she would ‘nuzzle’ him, push her head between his thighs almost pushing him over,  and allow him to massage her tummy. This made the connection real for him, and allowing him to start the grieving process, with support.

My calling and profession is unusual to say the least, but so rewarding in times like this to be the channel to help another being. My heart is sore and sad a lot of the time for my clients as I feel their pain, but I am so grateful I have the experience and ability to assist in such a special way.