What is Remote or Distance Healing

Remote or Distance Healing has been used by those trained in Energy Healing for thousands of years and is still widely practiced across the globe by many cultures, traditions, spiritualists, healers and others.

Distance Healing is done remotely by using energy that can be sent thousands of miles without diluting its effects. This universal energy is connected to all things and goes far beyond human understanding and language. The energy to which we are all connected makes seasons change, grass grow, the earth rotate, etc. Energy is in us and all around us, all the time, controlling many of our automatic activities and connecting us all together. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

This energy can is used for healing people, animals, and places. through Distance Healing, which is done through developing sensitivity to energy and psychic energy. Once sensitivity to energy is formed, this energy can be used by projecting it through time and space, just as radio waves and cell-phone waves travel.

Distance Healing can address physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual problems for anyone who is not experiencing optimal health and vitality.

Distance Healing is very beneficial, as it can release harmful mental and emotional patterns, heal wounds, provide detoxification, balance organs or glandular functions, balances chakras, heal the aura (energetic field), stimulate spontaneous healing and so much more.
Animal distance healing:

Animals are highly receptive to all energy both in-person and distance healings. Each animal has an energy system, including chakras, just like human beings. Although animals display emotions such as joy and fear among others, they do not store the residue from life experiences as deeply in their systems as people. As a result, healing often occurs more quickly and with greater ease. Fewer sessions or deeper change is usually noted. Also, an animal does not have to be “sick or ill” to benefit from a distance healing session this type of healing can also aid in anxiety disorders and many types of stress by helping to release these emotions.

Animals discharge or release energy in several ways, most often through movement, such as changing a position or walking away. An animal may also vocalize (bark, etc.) or dig/scratch. Because most animals respond best in a familiar environment, I suggest distance work.

As many animal lovers will attest, animals may at times be our greatest teachers. They demonstrate unconditional love; can teach us about patience, partnership and many other things. As well as mirroring our human emotional, mental or physical issues. In many cases I have found the pet to show physical or behavioural issues, that after investigation, are actually to be one of the humans issues or symptoms in its pack! In this way animals bring even more healing as they bring to  attention something that is out of balance in the pack/family, animal or human. Animals can also be Healers themselves. It is not uncommon for an animal to share the pain and stress of their loved ones around them, and some will even purposely take on ‘stuff’ that isn’t theirs, in the attempt to help heal

Animals do not need to be living locally to receive Healing Energy. They can be on the other side of the World – it makes no difference. This is true also for Personal Healing, for yourself or other people – the Energy can be directed anywhere. As sentient beings, animals respond so positively and openly to Energy Healing on all levels. They have a built-in ‘knowing’ or ‘awareness’ of what is right for them.

Emotional traumas or issues can be stored at the cellular memory level. This is ok, as we are all sentient beings and emotions are part of our day to day living. However, if an imbalance occurs, it can trigger these emotional memories and they may become out of sync, thus creating illness, behavioural issues, or self-sabotage, etc.

There are many options on how to go about a remote session. I would need a photo of you or the animal, with names and details, questions and areas to investigate, or a Skype or phone call prior to our session. Once the session is done I then email you a full detailed report. Once you have read it and have questions and feedback, we communicate via email or phone.

Option 1 is R900 – Includes all the below and is sixty minutes.

Option 2 is R500 – Includes all the below and is thirty minutes.

Included is a free five minute discovery session, a sixty/thirty minute healing, clearing, guidance and coaching session and ten minutes support via Whatsapp afterwards

Step 1: Discovery session – Free five minutes MAXIMUM (phone call or communication about the healing and guidance you are looking for) Kindly have your questions ready so that this session does not require more than five minutes. Further time will become part of the hour-long healing, guidance and coaching session.

Step 2: To secure your booking after the free five minute discovery session, I require full EFT payment up front please and proof of payment sent to 072 971 8450

Step 3: You send me Necessary Information (close up head and shoulders selfie photos that are crisp and clear, birth dates and areas to investigate/work on) via email or WhatsApp

Step 4: I do the healing/clearing/communication/reading. Please note that sessions are prioritized on the day according to urgency, much like hospital admissions are coded according to their urgency

Step 5: I send you my report/feedback as a Voice Recording via Whatsapp or email

Step 6: One to two days later, as part of the ten minutes support, you send feedback on changes experienced and new issues coming up

Family Sessions Virtual/Remote Only

Rates quoted case by case – there is not a fixed fee that covers all instances.