Workshops and Talks

Animal communication: beginners and advanced classes available

Learn how it feels to be an animal/insect or fish!  Learn to understand what they feel and want and need, as well as learn how to communicate with them!

Benefits of learning this skill:  Have a deeper understanding of an animal and how it feels and what it needs, is such a special way to be more connected to the animal world, and with the knowledge and skill, you can help so many!

Knowing that your animal friends, be they cats, dogs or horses, feel what you feel, can help you understand how you need to be in the world in order to be happy and healthy together.

Psychic development

This course is for those wanting to develop their intuition and psychic abilities!

This course is designed to help you explore your psychic skills in a safe and grounded way. You will discover how to receive information, work with it and interpret it for the benefit and understanding of yourself and others. You will learn how to establish a connection with Spirit in order to receive information and guidance. We will explore many different techniques in order that you grow in confidence.

Energy healing basics for healing self and others – multi modality (Reiki, Quantum, Esoteric and Pranic techniques included)

Learn and understand how to maintain, and clear away negative thoughts and energy from others, before it manifests as a physical ailment. You will learn how we create and manifest our health or illness. You will also learn how to create a better reality with your thoughts, and understand how our thoughts attract and create our experiences.
The simple techniques you are going to learn will greatly benefit and enhance your life in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Learn the basics of energy healing, incorporating Reiki, Quantum and Pranic healing techniques, You will learn simple tools to heal and empower yourself and make positive changes in all life areas. Learn tools to protect yourself from energy vampires, and protect your energy from harmful negative energies, and shown how to channel universal energy/chi/Ki/prana into your body to heal.

Online and home study options available

I also have an online video teachings for those who can’t attend in person!

For more information please email me on  or message me on 072 971 8450