Perception, being open to another way of being!

When pondering on what to write about this morning, I asked my animals (dogs and parrots) what would be a good subject around animal communication. My one African Grey parrot said, “perception, being open to another way of being”!

He is only too right, as this sums up the biggest lesson I have learned from communicating with animals over the years, is that they have given me a very different perspective! The messages I get from animals, either from them or through them (as messages from a higher source), have given me the opportunity to see things differently, and opened my perspective on life as a whole.

Since animals are open-hearted and close to spirit, without the layers of judgement, shame, attitudes and conditioning as us humans,  they are an open channel to receive guidance from spirit! This is an interesting and expanding perspective in itself is it not?  Where we as humans learn to quiet our minds and step out of ego in order to grow spiritually, animals are naturals!

As humans we grow up with so much conditioning, expectations and told what to believe, and this moulds who we become and who we are. Our beliefs are learned and sometimes enforced on us, and some are forced by brainwashing, until you get to a point in your life where you need to choose and decide for yourself, what exactly are your beliefs. For me it was through trauma, I was jolted out a comfort zone and with dealing with trauma I needed to re-establish every single belief in order to make sense of my life. I found this to be the most liberating and necessary part of my human experience. For most it is not until we are torn from our comfort zone of beliefs, before we step back and look at what we believe, and challenge it.

Animals do this for me almost on a daily basis. My work, as an animal whisperer and transformational coach, I connect to many souls a day, both human and animal. When a soul meets a soul on this level, energetically and  psychically, it is a very REAL and honest space in which to be seen and vulnerable. For me this is the best space to be, so honest, so real.  No bull, no pretenses, no ‘face’ or ego, just pure connection.

Animals will communicate how things are as they see it, no fluff, no subtleties or lies. How refreshing is that? I often get put in my place by an animal who I connect to (I work remotely most of the time) and they see my soul, not Hayley. And they share what they see is out of balance in my life, or how I should be feeling and being, not pretending or merely existing.

I realize this subject will open some of you up to a more enquiring state of being, so I invite you all to send me questions so I can best answer and give you a different perspective, which is liberating and open-hearted! You have nothing to lose by listening and learning, I encourage you to allow yourselves to be open to as many perspectives as you can, so we can make better choices in understanding ourselves, and what we choose to believe!