Space Clearings for homes and businesses


Increase health, vitality, prosperity of home and business!!


More benefits: increased creativity, focus, passion, deeper sleep, harmonious  relationships,  greater communication skills, save time, stress less and achieve more!!



Negativity in a space can affect your energy, your vitality, your relationships, and even your prosperity. Negativity can enter a home or business in several ways. It could have been there all along, before you ever moved in. Someone else might have sent it to you (someone you have a history with). Perhaps it was brought in unknowingly by you or a family member, or client (a ghost or entity that is attached itself to you and taken up residence in your house). Or, the presence of the negative energy could be the result of difficulty you’ve been having (or have had in the past) with loved ones or business partners.


I clear locations and items of stress and trauma held within them, old memories, bad feelings and intentions, lost souls, and negative entities. Immediately, the areas and items look/feel lighter, brighter, and so do the people involved.

Where you may have been carrying stress or pain in your bodies, possibly for years, the emotional charge is gone, and the tension, pain and stress released.

My space clearing releases lost souls and trapped energies/thought-form/feelings to an unconditionally loving God/Universe, where they are received and transformed.

If the energies are extraordinarily negative then they are confined. Some people notice pleasant aromas, whirling energies, and interesting visual effects as I am clearing their spaces.

There are immediate, lasting and profound noticeable effects when I do your space clearing.

You may notice the rooms or items looking brighter, clearer, bigger, the rooms more peaceful, airier; you will likely find yourself feeling lighter and more relaxed. Many people had already been smudging their spaces; yet, their spaces feel much better to them, and they feel so much better in them after I have cleared them. Where you have been carrying tightness, tension, pain or discomfort, you will usually feel it releasing immediately as I clear your places, even those previous locations to which you are still energetically tied.