Dear Hayley, 

As Mia’s partner, I like to express my fully appreciation for the information about our dear Poppie. The message from you, very professional and meaningful, has left a deep understanding of the ‘animal kingdom’ where in this case cats can have a calling to leave the owner and even ‘go over’ into another dimension for a purpose we not always like to accept because of the perfect bond we had with her. On an ‘energetic level’ there is much more going on we as ‘simple humans’ just can’t understand, but what fantastic she follows her ‘spiritual path’.

We will find peace in our heart, especially for Mia her bond was not of this world with her. With respect and gratitude – Guido.


Audio testimonial from Dwayne in KZN Midlands


from Nicole M in Australia – Hayley you are truly amazing, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support, guidance and healing you have given my son, my dogs and myself over the years. The depth of your compassion, understanding and wisdom has provided us with so much comfort, especially in the darkest times. I have a little book of the techniques and tools you have given us in our balances, which I refer to when I’m feeling lost, stuck or need a pick me up. Some are a part of my daily ritual. I am so grateful to have you in our lives, even though you are on the other side of the world. Thank you for sharing your gift with my family x




From Jacqui P – Dearest Hayley, thank you for being such a blessing to me and so many others! You truly have a gift and I want to thank you for using it to help so many people. So much love and gratitude, Jacqui xxx


from Candice K – Hayley is an incredible healer. While I was going through chemotherapy treatment I had a healing session with Hayley often to assist me to shift on all levels. Now that I am out of the “dark night of the soul” I realised how important this healing was alongside the conventional medicines. We not only have to work on our physical healing but in the etheric as well as this is where our disease and healing beings. Hayley helped me shift all the stuck energy and emotions. She assisted me to work through the metaphysical reasons for my disease. I am so appreciative of what she did for me. Not only was she an instrumental part of my healing, she was an integral part of assisting my mom in her transition to spirit when she too was suffering with cancer, as well as assisting my sister and I to process what happened. Hayley you have an incredible healing ability and have some much to offer this world. I would recommend a session with Hayley to everyone who is open to shift and move their “stuff”.


from Ashleigh M – My husband and I reached out to Hayley October last year in connection with our beloved cat, Hunter who was incredibly ill. He was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Saddle Thrombus. For those of you who may be aware of these conditions will know it’s a cat owners worst nightmare. Theoretically Hunter should never have made it as long as he did, but with the help of Hayley and her unbelievable gift we were able to spend 3 more precious months with him.

Hayley was able to communicate things through Hunter that aided his recovery that we would never have known. And when it was Hunters time, Hayley was there every step of the way ensuring peace within us and within Hunter. I was able to connect with Hunter on a level I never thought was possible. I would never have gotten through this ordeal without the help of Hayley. She has been an absolute blessing and I will be forever grateful to her for your unconditional willingness to help and sincere care for us throughout.


Courtneyfrom Courtney B Hayley has truly been my “earth angel” who has helped guide me through so much. She has helped me overcome crippling social anxiety and helped me to have confidence and love myself again. She has helped me to explore my spirituality and trust that I am loved and taken care of always. She has guided me beautifully on my path towards my studies, career choices and my new home. She has helped me find courage to let go of relationships and people that do not serve me. She is also helping me to communicate with and connect to animals- my passion! She has listened to me, encouraged me, inspired me and healed me. I cannot thank her enough.

I have never had someone explain the ‘not having children’ dilemma so wonderfully accurately and making sense of it, like you have done. Thank you – I needed that. I have a feeling that this certainly may apply to me…..in this lifetime.


Hayley – I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart. You have certainly helped me out of a very dark place. I am feeling a lot stronger, clearer & focused now. I loved your readings.Neelafrom Neela D – Thank you once again for the healing and the reading. I really resonate with all you said. I am still in shock of the profound difference I am feeling just after one healing session. I was really suffering with my back but the pain is all gone.




YvetteMuldoonfrom Yvette M – Hayley fulfils the role of doctor, gynea, dentist, vet and psychologist in my and my family’s lives.  Her healings are effective and her assessment of a situation is accurate and clear.  My animals were the first ones to benefit from her healing abilities and her caring way of communicating and dealing with their issues and challenges is wonderful.  She even gave inputs and wild animals!  She is amazing in the clearing and assessing of properties as well and her integration and balance between how the earth, spirit, animals and humans are involved and support each other is fantastic.

I also attended a course she presented on Animal Communication and I found it amazing, fulfilling and valuable.

Hayley’s contribution in our spiritual growth and understanding of the spirit world, our personal role in life, happiness and maturity has been really fantastic and I cannot imagine my life without her as my healer!


from Colleen van R – I have done many courses and workshops with Hayley at the Gaia Centre, and have learned, grown and benefited greatly from them all.  Hayley is a teacher who has such a wonderfully open, easy, hands-on approach with her students which makes her workshops, courses and healings fun and exciting, yet also very informative and comprehensive.

Having covered a broad range of topics with her, I have come to realise and respect the huge amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience she has. Thank you Hayley for sharing, teaching and guiding me along my journey. It’s been a privilege to have you as my teacher and mentor.


HeatherCochrane from Heather C – When I lost the best dressage horse in the world and had to choose between a really big and beautiful warm-blood with wonderful bloodlines and a little skinny thoroughbred saved from the abattoir in Kimberley that were neither giving me an easy ride so to say – I turned to your animal communication skills and asked you to enquire whether either would be suitable as a dressage horse. Of course my heart was set on the big beautiful warm-blood but you came back with a strong response from the thin little thoroughbred. After some cracked ribs compliments of the warm-blood I sent him back to his owners and pursued my career with the thoroughbred that has  kept his word and came 3rd in KZN Preliminary Dressage Champs at the end of last year and just yesterday 7 February started 2014 with a 1st place score of 80% and 2nd 67.78% and Champion Thoroughbred.

Ps the warm-blood was sent on to a top rider in Joburg and has thrown the rider on numerous occasions and bitten and kicked his handlers right out of the stable as he did to me.

Your conversations with the two proved invaluable to me. Thank you. In light and love always.


MilenaGeversfrom Milena G – I have found Hayley’s distance healing work with her descriptive feedback afterwards has been a truly beneficial and rewarding for me. I have progressively felt more and more in tune with myself and resonate with her feedback more every time after a session. Thank you so much Hayley, you do incredible work and I feel like this information brings perspective to a lot of turmoil I have been feeling.




Linda_Fosterfrom Linda F



from Lorraine I – Hayley has been to my rescue so many times when my furry, four-legged angels have been ill, distressed or simply needed to be reassured that Mom was coming home soon. She was there for me when my beloved little Dachshund, Waldi, was terminally ill in 2013. She eased my pain when I had to make some desperate decisions and aided his passage when he finally departed. Hayley told me, “I saw him been taken away by angels”, and she confirmed that many animal souls were waiting for him and welcoming him as he passed over. Waldi was the centre of attention with all his old friends from past lives gathering around him, and knowing that, made my pain a little more bearable. He was in a good place, and he thanked me – through Hayley – for all the love and care during his 14 years with me.

This was so reassuring, and although I deeply mourned my boy for more than a year, it eased my pain to know he was happy and at peace. After his passing, he came to visit and comfort me a number of times and Hayley could confirm that he had licked the top of my foot to tell me that he was there – as he had done shortly before his passing.

I attended an animal communication course with Hayley early in 2013, which opened my eyes and heart to all the wonderful beings which surround us. A whole new world was revealed, and subsequently I have had many wonderful revelations and experiences with my furry angels. I also spent a day with Hayley early in 2014, learning about aura colours, energy balancing, clearing and channeling, and she has helped me through a stressful time by helping to better understand energy blockages and how to clear them.

All in all, Hayley has become a shining light in my life with her God-given gift to not only communicate with animals, but to get inside one’s body, spirit and mind. I feel so privileged to have Hayley as my guide, my reference and my friend.


from Rene G – A huge thank you to you for your insight and guidance with our cat. It made all the difference especially when she came to live with us and had problems to fit in.  It helped me so much to know what the problems were and how to deal with it and how to help her to fit in and get along with the others.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the deepest part of my heart for your help


from Barbara T – I am so grateful for all your help. It has made a huge difference in my approach and I believe, together with the medical assistance, ultimately helped her to recover.  I believe that LuLu Belle was so much in need of love and affection that the physical problems were just a manifestation of what she much needed spiritually.

We are so fortunate to have her. She is such a beautifully spirited little being. Thank you for helping her and me and for the wonderful, closely bonded relationship that we now have through this experience. I learned a great deal and you will always have my gratitude for the wonderful work you did.


from Tarryn CT – After almost a month of my Kitty Lily missing I had just about given up hope. I had printed flyers, posters, knocked on neighbour’s doors, joined all the Facebook animal groups and was in constant contact with people spreading the word. Every evening I got home from work I did my “routine” walkabout my area in search of Lily.

I am a believer in spiritual healing though never experienced it first hand and was open to anything when my cousin suggested Hayley’s assistance. She advised me to visualize Lily and feel what the moment would feel like when she returned. After hearing Hayley’s feedback I was hopeful once more, though it was a very emotional time for me. I went to bed that night praying that Lily would find her way home and that Hayley’s guidance was well received by Lily.

Later that night, literally within a few hours, Lily simply walked in crying (talking) and looked at me like hi Mom, I’m back!!! Her eyes were sharp and strange (vet said it is due to dehydration) but all she wanted was love and lots of cuddles. She had lost so much weight I thought I was dreaming again but sure enough there she was before me. A sight I never thought I’d have again.

Lily fell asleep in my arms and I just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking what on earth just happened. Hayley gave me hope, i will forever be grateful for that. I can never thank Hayley enough for her time and effort put into bringing Lily home. Hayley’s distance healing work with her descriptive feedback afterwards was truly amazing and quite honestly PHENOMENAL.

People say they wish animals could talk, well this experience has changed me in ways I could never imagine. From both of us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xxx


from Mary G – We were introduced to Hayley last year when our one rescue dog (from a squatter camp) decided to attack someone. We had noticed before that she was very “ma vas” but didn’t really take much notice.  We also saw that if any strange people came near me her hair would stand up and she would stand between them and me.  Any way we sent Hayley a photo with the background of Milly and she started working on her within days.  We also went and got the homeopathic drops Hayley recommended.  After the first season we saw a difference and daily we were surprised.  We booked her for two full sessions then one later on. Milly is a totally different dog yes she still keeps her eye on me but not as much as before.  She will allow strangers to talk to me and her with them being able to scratch her ear or tummy.

Hayley has also communicated to all our dogs just to find out what is going on and helped them with an issue or two.We are truly grateful that Gina F introduced us to Hayley it has changed our lives. We will always refer people to Hayley and will get her to chat to our fur babies every few months just to check in.


You can reach Hayley on 072 971 8450 and hayley@hayleyhealing.co.za